Several Developers Have “Confessed Their Sins” On Twitter!

It all started when a senior character artist in Overwatch “hidden Loss in other, older projects“, while everyone suspected that Twitter was slowly cracking down (but it didn’t).


The Loss meme started courtesy of a webcomic, Ctrl+Alt+Del. In this video game-themed series, a sudden dramatic turn occurred when the main character’s girlfriend had a miscarriage. Many people tried: an alligator was hidden in Maneater, a whole stage in Super Meat Boy Forever, and a meme the size of a cruiser was hidden in A Hat In Time. It is not uncommon to find a meme hidden in a tileset. Of course, an image on a texture is not so easy to spot, and there are bound to be some who might never discover such a thing.

Let’s talk about more “crimes.” In the case of Far Cry 6, there was a game designer who animators and directors constantly asked to reduce the reload and run speed buffs in Far Cry 6, and he always verbally agreed and practically did nothing. In The Witcher 3, when Triss did a 180° turn, her breasts moved for fifteen seconds, and a tester pointed it out to CD Projekt RED. And the writer of Guardians of the Galaxy had previously tried to have the team run as Stardust Crusaders in the game, referencing one of the story threads from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

The Fallout 3 metro car was a clothing suit applied to the player’s hand. In Outer Wilds, the entire universe moves instead of the player because it makes movement and aiming easier. Outriders has a forest fire scene, even though the game has no fire propagation system, so a designer would have to light roughly 600 plants simultaneously on fire. Our favorite is the person who admitted to working on Bubsy 3D. The studio later worked on Syphon Filter IP and, most recently, Days Gone…

There is a small lesson to be learned from all this: sometimes, you can bridge the gaps with creativity!

Source: PCGamer

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