Midnight Suns: Shocking Figure Has Been Revealed About The Game! [VIDEO]

Firaxis Games has confirmed that Marvel’s Midnight Suns will feature approximately 65,000 lines of voice-over dialogue throughout the game.



If the developers are to be believed, Marvel’s Midnight Suns will have approximately 65,000 lines of voice dialogue recorded! The tactical RPG, in which players can team up with Marvel heroes, will be released on December 2.

Midnight Suns focuses on a protagonist named Hunter, who will help fight the evil forces raised by their mother, Lilith.

Developers Firaxis Games recently shared a YouTube video about the game. In the video titled “Let’s Go! – Special Message From Firaxis”, lead engineer Will Miller mentioned that they ended up with about 65,000 lines of voice-over dialogue. Players will hear these in more than two hours of cinematic scenes and during battles. He did not say whether this was the total number of voice dialogues in the base game. But players can expect that number to rise as DLC characters, such as the always-talkative Deadpool, join the team.

Producer Rony Kahana also hinted at some of the conversations written in the game. He said there would be conversations about imposter syndrome, mental health and childhood trauma. Kahana also paid tribute to the talented writing team at Firaxis Games, who worked to bring the story of Midnight Suns to life.

Gamers expressed their excitement about the game in YouTube comments.

They also thanked the hard work of the Firaxis Games team for creating a unique gaming experience with beloved Marvel characters like Iron Man, Wolverine and Doctor Strange.

It will be interesting to see their reactions as they immerse themselves in the game’s story as they follow Hunter’s journey through the game. In particular, the relationship-building stages in The Abbey look intriguing. The protagonist seems to have a very complicated past. Kahana’s comment about trauma frequently comes up in conversations with teammates.

In the past, the history of Marvel games has been pretty shaky. Most recently, for example, there was Marvel’s Avengers, which received less-than-stellar reviews from gamers and critics alike. In the case of Midnight Suns, gamers were initially worried that it wouldn’t be perfect either. In particular, the delay caused concern among them. However, the wind seems to change with each trailer launch, and many hope the game will exceed expectations.

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