What’s behind the feud between Vin Diesel and the Rock?

MOVIE NEWS – Six years ago, it seemed like a marketing ploy when the two biggest stars of the Deathly Pace series, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, i.e. the Rock started messaging each other on social media.


It was impossible to know exactly what they lost, which is why many people thought that they wanted to create even more publicity for the series, which otherwise would not have needed this kind of publicity. From the later blade changes, something unfolded that was also obvious. The two action stars seemed to be straining to decide who was the bigger guy on the fence, and they couldn’t come to an agreement. The Rock then made up his mind: he did not appear in Deathly Hallows 9, and last year he sarcastically said goodbye to everyone in The Hollywood Reporter, wishing him good luck for all future sequels. He could, since he had his own separate “fast-paced” movie in Deadly Pace: Hobbs and Shaw and closed it out with that.

Now, however, FandomWire cites an unnamed source who says that Vin Diesel’s mental problems are behind all the cockiness. According to the insider, Diesel‘s ego is fragile, so he couldn’t stand that he was towering over the Rock in the series, and Johnson couldn’t stand that both of them were constantly upset about it.

Deadly 10 will say goodbye to the series in cinemas in the form of two all-night cinemas, and if everything is true, it will be the most expensive action movie of all time.</p >

(Fast X – domestic release: May 18, 2022)

Source: UIP

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