Metro 2033: Legacy: A Modder Team Builds Nicely On The Base Game [VIDEO]

Green Games Group is doing an incredible job at expanding Metro 2033 Redux. Suffice it to say that it will include an open world-like map.


Here’s the team’s post (and they also released a video): “For a long time, Project Metro 2033: Legacy was developed on a rather outdated version of the original game’s engine from 2010. But at the beginning of 2022, the project started moving to the “Redux” game version. We had to move all the development progress, which is why we had such a long absence of information about the project.

The first surface (14,000 objects) is 95% complete in terms of objects, and its geometry is finished. All historical buildings have been recreated with the preservation of the scale. Created points of interest on the location and added a lot of buildings entered by the player. We reworked the entire storyline and partially transferred to the new engine. We’ve done almost all the geometry of the locations declared. Only the interior of the Kyiv railway station is left to be finished, as well as minor modifications of the current versions of levels. We ultimately ended three story chapters of the seven declared, one of which is an open world with access to all the content mod.

Two endings of Metro 2033: Legacy has been worked out, which will depend on the player’s choice at a crucial point in the story. New weapon designs have been added to the game. We use models from Gunslinger Mod. 50% in objects and 70% in geometry made the surface of the Kievsky railway station. (Location will be tremendous and will run in the boundaries of the twin hotels “Golden Ring” to Kievsky station and from it, almost to the hotel “Ukraine”). Also, at the level, made a lot of houses and underground passages in which you can loot and move around the station, occasionally going to the surface.

The project progress almost entirely transferred to the “Redux” version of the subway games. We independently wrote some tools to work with “Redux.” Fully working change of day and night on all locations. And on the stations at night, the vendors go to sleep, there are fewer people, and the lights are turned off almost completely. A lot of work is done and continues to be done to fill the world with secondary dialogues and events. Three mini-games have been worked on: mushroom picking at the station, followed by rewards from NPCs; rat race (bets on a particular rat); watch in station tunnels.

Some build modifications were restored (under-barrel grenade launcher and under-barrel shotgun). We created its unique menu. Technically, the project is finished at 60%. This is the most current information on Metro 2033: Legacy. A lot has been done during this time, something we do not cover, or it is in a relatively raw version, or we are not sure it will work. There is still a lot of work on testing, refining, creating, and smoothing many elements of the mod and working with the project’s voiceover and solving complex technical problems.”

It looks promising.

Source: WCCFTech

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