The Smash World Tour Case Twists Further: Panda Global’s CEO Has Been Moved

After Nintendo said that the organizers of the Smash World Tour were not banned from organizing the 2022 finals, the case rolled on.


We previously wrote that Panda Global CEO Alan Bunney (we called him by his name for the first time) was accused by Smash World Tour organizers of deliberately sabotaging them when he said that this year’s tournament would be canceled. In response, Panda Global moved him from his position, and an Interim Management Committee (IMC) took over his duties (and, to avoid internet harassment of members, the company did not name them). The Panda Cup finals were postponed for security reasons, and a refund will be made to those involved…

Panda Global said on Twitter, “Panda has heard the concerns of the Smash community and is taking immediate action. Alan [Bunney] is no longer CEO, effective immediately.” No, he wasn’t fired. He was stripped of his position. It is suspicious, and for a good reason: Esports Insider pointed out that Bunney is still the owner of Panda Global! The company has come under a lot of criticism after Smash World Tour organizers revealed why they had to cancel their event days before the Smash World Tour 2022 final and their entire 2023 tournament. In response (in protest), players and commentators quit the Panda Cup, and Event Hubs reported that more than 80% of their sponsored team had left…

The IMC that took over Bunney’s job will help find a successor and support members who wish to leave (even if they have to be released from their contractual obligations). The Panda Cup final has been postponed for the safety of the staff and contractors, and the IMC will ensure that those affected get their money back. The committee has asked the community to report harassment and doxing (disclosure of personal information). Panda Global responded on Friday, saying they were as surprised by the Smash World Tour ‘s announcement as the public, as team members were not informed that the Smash World Tour 2022 final would be canceled. It acknowledged and regretted that there was a dialogue between Bunney and eSports broadcaster Beyond the Summit, which Smash World Tour alluded to. Still, they will seek to remove the possibility of miscommunication in the future.

It still doesn’t sound good.

Source: Gamesindustry


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