Netflix Games: A Real Game Dump Comes In 2023! [VIDEO]

Two new games will be added to Netflix’s portfolio, while more exciting titles will launch on the platform in 2023…



Netflix has announced the addition of two new titles to its app in a bid to expand its games portfolio. In addition, there are several others in the pipeline. The company has been looking to make inroads in the games industry for some time. Its latest announcement shows the streaming giant’s ambitions in the industry.

Netflix first revealed its gaming ambitions in November 2021, when it launched five titles on its mobile apps.

Since then, the company has acquired several game studios, launching more than 30 mobile games on its platform in 2022. Netflix even launched its own game studio a few months ago to develop its growing portfolio further.

In a year-end roundup of its game lineup, the company announced that the critically acclaimed indie adventure game Kentucky Route Zero and time-loop-themed Twelve Minutes will be available on its mobile app starting today. Kentucky Route Zero includes all five chapters. And Twelve Minutes is making its mobile debut since its release on Xbox Game Pass in 2021. In addition, TiltingPoint Vikings: Valhalla and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge are reportedly coming to the service in 2023. While the company has not yet shared a specific launch date, the expanding library could entice many subscribers.

Of course, Netflix Games already has some other highly anticipated titles in store. To celebrate Ubisoft Forward 2022, the publisher has announced two new Ubisoft titles, Valiant Hearts and Mighty Quest, which will be released exclusively here in 2023. Interestingly, an upcoming Assassin’s Creed will also come to the service. All three titles will be available to existing subscribers. In addition, these games will not offer ads or microtransactions.

In addition to the Ubisoft games, Netflix is also reportedly working on a AAA game for the live service with a former Overwatch producer.

But the titles themselves are only part of the company’s game plans. Netflix recently opened its fifth development studio. This followed the acquisition of Cozy Grove developer Spry Fox. All of this signals a growing push for cloud-based streaming services like Microsoft Game Pass and xCloud. Time will tell whether the streaming giant’s moves will pay off. Either way, the company is sparing no time or money to gain a foothold in an already competitive industry.

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