Lempo: Here’s the Creepy Trailer for the Upcoming Horror Game [VIDEO]

In a new creepy trailer, we get a look at a gloomy world full of monsters and a journey of discovery for the Finnish mythology-inspired game Lempo.


Publisher Plug In Digital has released a trailer for the upcoming horror game Lempo. The video is just under two minutes long, but it shows off the eerie atmosphere, similar to the new gameplay clip for Amnesia: The Bunker. Lempo’s gameplay is different in that it is based on Finnish mythology.

Although relatively unknown compared to its Nordic counterpart, this is not the first time that games have been inspired by Finnish mythology. An excellent example of this are the rune bears in Elden Ring, which draw inspiration from the Finnish mythological concept of bears. They were so revered that even the word bear was considered too sacred to be uttered. Although the rune bears of the Elden Ring were quite a challenge to fight, it is doubtful that bears will be the main threat in Lempo.

The trailer shows a distant and distorted figure moving erratically, before the screen starts to curve and reveals the title screen with a call to the wishlist of Steam, GOG and Epic Games. The video then shows a crowd of writhing flesh in a temple, a voice declares that their temple is “a safe place for all”, and then reveals several glowing-eyed figures watching the player character from behind. A voice apparently making announcements over the radio gives the off-screen character a voice similar to that of Bioshock’s Andrew Ryan, while the exploration-based gameplay seems similar to titles such as Soma and Amnesia.

Much of the trailer shows the player exploring a series of dark and eerie locations with just a lighter or torch in hand. At one point, the text “obelisk activated, you feel refreshed” is shown, suggesting that the player must find safe places or activate them as checkpoints to proceed. Some comments on the video bemoan the apparent lack of combat, while others praise the focus on atmosphere, with the emphasis on scaring rather than fighting. With a number of horror games coming out in 2023, horror fans are sure to find a game to suit their play style. Although a release date has not yet been announced, in the case of Lempo, the style seems to be plunged into the unknown.

Lempo is a complex character in Finnish mythology. Recognised as the god of love and fertility, Lempo is also a devil with a capricious nature. As the embodiment of love, Lempo is said to be able to take control of a body and lead it to destruction. Lempo also defeated Vainamoinen, the central hero of Finnish mythology, and because of these deeds Lempo is even considered a curse word in the Finnish language. While game developers are known to change narratives to suit their own, such as changing Freya in God of War Ragnarok, it is possible that players will encounter a different vision of Lempo.

Lempo will be released on PC at an as-yet-unnamed date.

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