Street Fighter V: A Full Season Of Content Has Been Dropped

Capcom said a sixth season was planned for Street Fighter V, but they stopped at five.


While Capcom is preparing for Street Fighter 6 (it won’t be on just one console), they should still support the previous installment. The Japanese company originally planned six seasons of content for the game, which has been available on PlayStation 4 and PC for almost seven years now, because the game initially came out in an incomplete format and didn’t expand as much as it should have for quite some time. Takayuki Nakayama, the current head of Street Fighter, joined the project midway through the game’s life and told Game Informer that they learned from their mistakes.

He confirmed that the reason Street Fighter V was incomplete at launch was because the plethora of features proposed by the previous director Yoshinori Ono was not ready, so after launch, Capcom’s game went through many changes, and eventually, Ono left Capcom in 2020. A new post-launch content roadmap was also in the works, but it had to be cut before it was ready.

According to Nakayama, six seasons of DLC were planned, but halfway through, they modified that idea, as both the management and development team said they could only get further than season four. From it, Street Fighter V Champion Edition, the complete edition of the game, so to speak, was born. But then, Capcom changed their mind and announced a fifth season for the game, adding five new characters to the cast. Nakayama said that the team’s structure and communication methods had also changed, realizing the importance of direct dialogue with the player community. Thanks to this, Nakayama and producer Shuhei Matsumoto are at the forefront of Street Fighter 6’s development.

Street Fighter 6 development began in 2018, after the last DLC for Street Fighter V, Luke. Nakayama didn’t think he would be the last character but rather “a guest star from the future.” They were scared to introduce him because they wanted to do it properly. But in the end, things turned out well…

Source: GameRant

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