Grand Theft Auto 6: Details of the Announcement Trailer Leaked?!

Details of the Grand Theft Auto 6 unveiling trailer have been leaked online by a source who has previously detailed other information about the game.


According to one of the alleged leaks, the announcement trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature the protagonist, a woman named Lucia, in prison at the beginning of the trailer and the leak reveals many other tidbits. There’s no word on when this Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer will arrive, but it’s understandable that if someone is supposed to have concrete info on it, it could happen relatively soon. Rockstar Games’ parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has an earnings call on February 6, so it wouldn’t be surprising if it arrived before then.

All this, of course, comes on the back of a rather surprising date for Grand Theft Auto 6. Rockstar has been slowing down development on GTA Online, Red Dead Online, etc., and has reallocated resources to GTA 6. This, along with the development of the game, was confirmed last year. However, shortly afterwards, an early footage of Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay was leaked online, confirming some details about the game. Perhaps the biggest was the confirmed return to Vice City and the name of one of the main female characters, Lucia.

Prior to the leak, a YouTuber named SanInPlay said that the main character’s name was Lucia and that she was of Latin descent, which is perfectly in line with what was later leaked. This lends some credence to SanInPlay’s recent claims about the GTA 6 announcement trailer, first reported by Dexerto. Few details are known at this point, but SanInPlay claims that players will get a glimpse into the GTA 6 environment, where a plane passes overhead, a lizard crosses a street (SanInPlay previously claimed that there are lizards everywhere in the city), dogs play, and a dog rolls around on an ocean beach. That description definitely sounds like Vice City.

Perhaps the most interesting detail, however, is that the trailer supposedly shows GTA 6’s protagonist Lucia training in prison, suggesting that the game potentially starts there. It’s hard to say for sure, and of course all of this should be treated with caveats until either Rockstar Games or Take-Two show/confirm. There is certainly reason to believe SanInPlay, but there is also plenty of reason to be skeptical about such a claim.

Source : GameRant

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