Cate Blanchett is Considering the Final Decision

MOVIE NEWS – Cate Blanchett reached the point of exhaustion after the production of the drama TÁR. The 53-year-old Australian actress told the Sunday Project show that the role required so much mental and physical effort from her that she was completely exhausted and thought about retiring, at least for a while.


“I still have this role with me and I’m like a part of the audience with it: I still have some time to digest it,” he said in front of the cameras.

In this harrowing drama, Blanchett plays a female conductor who is obsessed with her dreams, for which she can sacrifice anything, so she starts on the road to professional and human downfall.

The film and especially Blanchett’s portrayal was attacked by several people for its supposed anti-feminism, but the actress won a Golden Globe for her performance and has a serious chance at an Oscar®. The stirring production has so far won a total of 52 prestigious awards and has been nominated for a further 201 awards.

Blanchett says now she’s mostly interested in swimming in the sea and gardening, and she’ll see what she does after she’s collected.

(Tár – domestic release: February 16, 2023.)

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