Intel Meteor Lake: Aiming For A 50% Performance Boost?

TECH NEWS – Intel has set a steep performance improvement target for its 14th generation CPU product family, dubbed Meteor Lake, compared to the 13th generation Raptor Lake processors in terms of performance per watt.


OneRaichu, a trusted leaker and insider, wrote on Twitter that Meteor Lake processors should show a significant improvement in both performance and efficiency. New core architectures will be given to P (performance) and E (efficiency) cores. While the hybrid implementation will not change, the CPU, which will require a new motherboard due to the new socket (LGA 2551), will use multiple IPs fused via multiple chipsets.

Meteor Lake was previously rumored to be designed mainly for laptops by Intel, and there was talk of a desktop line-up, but that concept may have changed. Whatever the case, Intel is aiming for an increase in efficiency (power per watt) of the new processors of more than 50% compared to the Raptor Lake (13th generation) CPUs (more specifically Raptor Cove + Gracemont) available today. That’s a more significant jump than AMD’s Zen 4 architecture (more than 25%) achieved last year. The GPU performance of Meteor Lake processors could also double thanks to the new tGPU or tiled GPU architecture, which will feature new Xe GPU cores and 128 Execution units with more than 2 GHz clock speed, so we hear.

According to Raja Koduri, the tGPU will be based on Arc as a new product in integrated GPUs. Still, it’s not an iGPU or a dGPU (discrete on a separate card) because the tiled tGPU, which has the new Xe-HPG graphics architecture, will give you more performance with the power efficiency of the current iGPUs, so DX12 Ultimate and XeSS support will be implemented (currently only for Alchemist products). In turn, it could give AMD’s RDNA 3 GPUs a run for their money, but Nvidia should also look behind them in the iGPU market.

Meteor Lake processors will have four main tiles: the IO, SOC, GFX, and Compute. The processor would have Redwood Cove P and Crestmont E cores in the new hybrid core design to have higher performance with lower power consumption. In its latest fiscal report, Intel confirmed that it would start manufacturing its Meteor Lake processors in larger quantities in the second half of the year, so we’ll be hearing about them until then.

Source: WCCFTech

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