How Much Do You Have To Pay Out Of Your Annual Salary For An iPhone 14?

TECH NEWS – Several countries are on the list of shame with almost unbelievable percentage rates.


The Apple iPhone 14 is $800 in the US or $830 if you buy it as a carrier-unlocked device. The price varies worldwide, and according to World of Statistics, there are countries where buying a new phone is not just a tiny fraction of the annual salary. (And we’re talking about the basic model, not the barely-selling Plus or the best-selling Pro and Pro Max versions.)

In Luxembourg, 1.2% of annual income is enough to obtain an iPhone 14, but the US (1.8%), the UK (3%), and Spain (5%) are all in good standing; however, China (12%), Mexico (18%) and Kazakhstan (20%) are already struggling, Turkey (26%) and Brazil (28%) are taking a toll, Indonesia (39%), India (42%) and Egypt (50%) are already in a depressing situation, but Bangladesh (59%) and Nigeria (69%) are more saddening. More than half of the annual income for a phone that will be followed by the new one in a year is already too much. It’s shocking. (It is also a criticism of the upgrade culture. We shouldn’t laugh at and ostracise people who don’t have the latest stuff all the time. Not everyone can always upgrade. Some people have to make do with outdated equipment.)

You have to consider that many countries impose import taxes on smartphones or many electronic devices. Also, several European countries have different or higher VAT (value-added tax) rates (the world record Hungarian VAT rate of 27% is leading the way with its over-taxed consumption), which is probably why Apple is planning to introduce its hardware subscription service because not everyone can afford to buy the company’s products. Still, it will undoubtedly be launched in the US first…

Source: WCCFTech

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