Gran Turismo on PlayStation VR: a significant improvement between the two generations! [VIDEO]

Gran Turismo Sport on the first PlayStation VR looks correct, but when you add Gran Turismo 7 running on PlayStation VR2, the difference is huge…


ElAnalistaDeBits has produced an unusual yet apt comparison video. Gran Turismo isn’t a franchise designed for VR, but Gran Turismo Sport on PlayStation 4 and Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 support virtual reality (the latter not the PlayStation 4 version), so in both cases, VR support is a bit tricky, as Polyphony Digital didn’t create the two latest installments of the franchise as VR exclusives.

There’s also a significant difference between PlayStation VR and PlayStation VR2, as the technology has seen significant advances in virtual reality headsets, but with that has come a massive increase in the price of entry, as the PlayStation 4 + PlayStation VR pair could be bought for much cheaper than the PlayStation 5 + PlayStation VR2 duo (as Sony’s VR headsets can’t be used standalone in the same way that Meta Quest can).

The comparison video isn’t very fair (PlayStation VR only works in the VR Tour and Time Trial modes in Gran Turismo Sport, if memory serves), as it’s like comparing a Trabant to a modern Volkswagen Golf. Still, it’s striking to see the leap in graphical detail, the frame rate is more stable, and the experience itself is more comfortable on PlayStation VR2 (which is why, not coincidentally, Sony is charging more than PlayStation 5, which is why it’s a bit brave of the company to say that they think its successor will outstrip PlayStation VR sales).

But let the video speak for us. All we can say is that Gran Turismo 7 looks fantastic on PlayStation VR2 (and unfortunately, the PlayStation 4 port doesn’t support first-gen PSVR).

Source: WCCFTech

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