The April Games of PS Plus: Huge Surprises and Disappointments at the Same Time?!

Sony has not yet officially announced what free games PS Plus subscribers will be offering in April, but based on the leaked information, we can already guess what we can expect. In addition to the PS Plus Extra and Premium services, we also get three basic games, but only one of them is really exciting.


The only one we know for sure about PS Plus games for April is Meet Your Maker. This is a community building and looting multiplayer game from the developer of Dead by Daylight. The game will be available on the PS Plus Essential level from day one and has a high chance of becoming a success like Rocket League or Fall Guys.

The other two base games are still a secret, but there are good hints as to what they might be. One of them could be Sonic Frontiers, an open-world Sonic game in which the spiky hero searches for the Chaos Emeralds and rescues his friends in a place called Starfall Islands. The game is relatively new, but Sony has recently given away several up-to-date games for free, such as Tchia at the PS Plus Extra level.

And the third core game could be The Outer Worlds, a sci-fi RPG with tons of character development, choices, and companions. The game comes from a Microsoft-owned studio, which may seem strange, but it wouldn’t be unprecedented. Several Microsoft games have appeared on PS Plus in recent months, such as Skyrim, Minecraft Dungeons or Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.

New games can be expected on the PS Plus Extra and Premium levels in April. Among these, there are usually 17-20 titles each month. For example, in March we got two PSP games, Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection, Immortals Fenyx Rising and more. We can expect a similarly varied offer in April.

So the PS Plus games in April don’t look bad, but they aren’t outstanding either. PS Plus has to fight the curse of April, which has brought lower quality games so far. Hopefully this time they will be able to surprise the fans with something really good.

Source: GameRant

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