Don’t Miss This Essential Weapon in Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Early Hours! Your Life May Depend on It!

In the opening hours of the newly released Resident Evil 4 remake, players can find a crucial weapon if they know where to look.


The remake of Resident Evil 4 has just been released, and new players exploring the village of Valdelobos will encounter many hidden surprises. While battling murderous villagers is the primary activity, exploration and puzzle-solving are equally important in Resident Evil 4. Amid the chaos, players should keep an eye out for important items, as one key weapon can be easily overlooked, making the game much harder than necessary.

Players who have already tried the Resident Evil 4 remake demo may be familiar with the sequence involving the chainsaw-wielding enemy and the onslaught of villagers chasing protagonist Leon Kennedy. This overwhelming segment throws players right into the thick of combat, but it shouldn’t distract from a crucial item nearby. Inside one of the houses in this part of the village lies the series-staple shotgun, essential to acquire early in the game, as the difficulty gradually increases.

The shotgun has been a staple in the Resident Evil series since the very first installment. As an upgrade to the starter handgun, the shotgun is indispensable for survival but can often be difficult to acquire. In Resident Evil 7, players solve a weight puzzle where taking the shotgun from its mount results in the door locking, barring players from obtaining it until they find something to replace it on the mount. Resident Evil Village has its shotgun on a table in East Old Town, surrounded by Lycans and requiring bolt cutters for access.

In contrast, obtaining the shotgun in Resident Evil 4 is relatively easy, but its location isn’t as obvious as in previous entries, meaning players might initially miss it. The shotgun is located in the upstairs portion of a large house on the left-hand side of the village when facing the entrance. Although it appears to be mounted on the wall like the weight puzzle in Resident Evil 7, players can grab the shotgun without triggering any traps.

The weapon is easy to miss because the game emphasizes other elements in the village that lead the player away from its location. Players running around avoiding the infected villagers and chainsaw fiend are likely more focused on survival than exploring every corner of the village and its buildings. Even after the bell tolls and the villagers return to the town hall, the game directs players onward towards the lake after a call from Hunnigan, meaning those who don’t stick around to explore the aftermath will likely miss their earliest chance to obtain the shotgun.

Fortunately, other shotguns, such as those sold by Resident Evil 4’s Merchant, are available later in the game. However, these cost valuable currency that could otherwise be used for upgrading the first shotgun obtainable for free. Acquiring this weapon early will help ease upcoming battles’ difficulty, so players who don’t want to worry about the game’s more challenging elements should take the time to get this shotgun while they can.

Resident Evil 4 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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