Resident Evil 4 Remake: Will The Latest Update Include Pay To Win DLC?!

The upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake update, which will add the Mercenaries mode to the game, appears to also introduce a pay to win DLC.



The upcoming update for the Resident Evil 4 remake appears to add a pay to win DLC. It will come in the form of premium weapon upgrade tickets, which players can use to upgrade their weapons. The most glaring omission in the new RE4 was The Mercenaries. This was a mode that could be unlocked by playing through the main story in the original game.

The Resident Evil 4 remake was released without The Mercenaries mode, but Capcom has clarified that it will come as a free update.

The Mercenaries DLC will arrive on April 7 for the RE4 remake. But apparently, it’s not the only one. Thanks to an update on the PlayStation Store in New Zealand, it has been revealed that new premium DLC is coming to the remake. This would give paid players an advantage in story mode.

Twisted Voxel first reported this. It was noted that the RE4 remake’s weapon upgrade tickets would likely be priced at $3 for one ticket, $7 for three tickets, and $10 for five tickets in the US. This DLC has not been officially announced by Capcom. It has not yet been released at all on the US PlayStation Store, so prices are subject to change. Regardless, it’s sure to upset some Resident Evil 4 remake fans.

Many may not think it’s a big deal that such paid DLC exists in a single-player game. However, there is always the concern that changes to the game balance may be made in an attempt to drive players towards premium DLC. The existence of these tickets would also make it virtually easier for cash-strapped players to unlock the game’s Platinum trophy. It would make it much easier to fully upgrade their weapons, which would taint the achievement in the eyes of some players.

To clarify, weapon upgrade tickets are also available to players of the Resident Evil 4 remake in the game, although they are extremely rare, with players only getting two in total.

The weapon upgrade tickets available in the game are also quite expensive. They need a total of 70 spins to get them both.

As it stands, Resident Evil 4 remake players can safely ignore these microtransactions. However, buying them may make things easier for those trying to get the S+ rank in the RE4 remake. However, given the game’s current balance, they are not necessary at all.

Source: Twisted Voxel

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