Tim Cain Initially Planned A Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Trilogy! [VIDEO]

The co-creator of Fallout has once again pulled an exciting theme from his illustrious history as a game developer.


We’ve been following what Cain has been posting on YouTube (for example, we’ve heard that he was planning a multiplayer mode for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, which Activision took away from his studio Troika Games, but the other studio didn’t make it happen…). In his new video, he talks about how he entered the development of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines too late (he was the programmer of the AI for the bosses) and has pulled out two design documents for the planned sequels. Both would have directly continued the story of the first part’s protagonist had the first act not ended with us dying…

The first sequel would have been subtitled Exodus, based on the idea of Gehenna. It would be a vampire apocalypse caused by the rise of the thin-blooded and the return of the original vampire, Caine. “The two documents I found for sequels are dated when I came on in late fall 2003. I’m pretty sure these were done by request, that Activision said, ‘Hey, when you finish, what do you think you’ll do afterward?’ Both of the design documents are unfinished. In Exodus, you are escaping from what you just did in Bloodlines in Los Angeles, but you’re not the only one escaping. Gehenna is coming, and many vampires are trying to get out. You go to Barstow because that’s where vampires would be least likely to go, and not only are you being pursued, but there are already some vampires in Barstow, so it’s a question of whether or not they will help you or hurt you. But Barstow is where the whole game takes place,” says Cain.

The paper mentions the third game, Final Nights, which takes the story from Barstow back to Las Vegas, and Cain says Gehenna’s happening shouldn’t have been long in coming. The other concept called the sequel Bloodhunt, a term a battle royale has been using ever since, but Troika’s Bloodhunt is similar to Exodus: “You’re trying to get to Las Vegas, and you’ve sent your ghouls ahead of you. They didn’t get to Vegas. You make it to a truck stop outside Barstow, where you are attacked by many of the clans in Vegas, all the ones you made angry. So that one only had designed the first act, so maybe it would go on to Vegas later.” Interestingly, Cain says, the two concepts were set in Barstow, but the studio started planning a sequel, so they were expecting a trilogy.

It would have been nice.

Source: PCGamer

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