For a long time, the My Big Fat Greek Wedding star could not run for that reason

MOVIE NEWS – For many years, Nia Vardalos was considered an undesirable person in Hollywood, for several reasons. He was forced to face this as soon as he arrived in Los Angeles, because the first actor’s agent who was willing to talk to him mercilessly handed him out.


“He told me that I was in a hopeless situation for three reasons,” said Vardalos in an interview with the American Marie Claire. “First of all, I’m not pretty enough to be a star.” Second, I’m not bloated enough to run in character roles. And thirdly, which is the main disqualifying reason: I am Greek. In other words, I do not belong to such a distinctive minority as, say, Puerto Ricans. So drag me home.”

Vardalos was so upset by this rejection that he decided to turn his disadvantage into an advantage. He made up his mind to write the story of his Greek family with all its quirks and quirks. My Big Fat Greek Wedding first became a one-person stage play performed by the author, then it was made into a film. Vardalos was nominated for an Oscar for the screenplay. The third part will be shown soon, which already focuses on the new generation of the great Greek family of Bazi, but with just as much noise, laughter, tears and laughter as the previous two parts.

(My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3. – domestic premiere: September 7, 2023)

Source: UIP

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