Apple A17 Pro: Is The Flagship iPhone Chip Just An Advanced A16 Bionic?

TECH NEWS – The Cupertino tech company may have just been playing a trick with the A17 Pro chip (for which Apple has already announced four significant games; we’ve already written about that).


The A17 Pro might be the mobile industry’s first 3-nanometer chipset, but according to performance benchmark leaks, it’s only slightly more potent than its predecessor, the A16 Bionic (<10% performance improvement rate in multi-core tests; ~20% for GPU). Something popped up on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, and Revegnus shared it on Twitter. We learned why there isn’t such a significant performance improvement from it.

According to the leak, the two-year-old A15 Bionic is codenamed H14C. The A16 Bionic has a different codename (H15), but for the A17 Pro, it is highly suspicious that it is not H16 but H15 Coll. If it were an entirely new silicon, the codename should be different. Still, according to Revegnus, the A17 Pro is a modified A16 Bionic with increased clock speed, more optimizations, and an extra GPU core, so it is perhaps not a coincidence that it remained “fifteen.” The real improvement will be shown by the A18 Pro, A18 Bionic, or whatever the chip’s name will be.

Also, on Twitter, a rumor about the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus has surfaced. Supposedly, the new iPhone 15/15 Plus pair will be the last two handsets that Apple will use a display that doesn’t have a high refresh rate, but the term ProMotion was not used by Majin Bu in his tweet, so the 2024 phones may have differences in this area. The Pro and Pro Max devices may have 120 Hz displays, while the two cheaper variants could use 90 Hz displays from the US tech company, as the Apple Vision Pro also has a 96 Hz maximum, and that too only when watching movies.

According to Ross Young, an expert in displays, Apple may use LTPO technology in all iPhone 17s, so from 2025 onwards, and until then, the base and Plus versions of 16 may stay on the LTPS panels seen in the cheaper 15 duo to cut costs. By then, there should be significant improvements in hardware.

Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech

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