The Director of A Quiet Place: Day One Owes a Lot to Nicolas Cage

MOVIE NEWS – Everything will be different if Nicolas Cage does not give one of the best performances of his life in the movie called Pig. This drama attracted the attention of director Michael Sarnoski, so John Krasinski could see in him the filmmaker who is suitable for making Soundless: First Day.


A Quiet Place: Day One, was also made under his patronage. He chose Sarnoski as director instead of himself, because he was completely impressed by the drama and sensitivity of Pig.

In Pig, Cage plays a truffle forager who, with his pig named Pig, hunts the delicacy worth a fortune for top cuisine in the forests of Oregon. Pig is kidnapped, and the tormented hero decides to search for him in the chaotic metropolis. Pig won 37 awards and is considered one of the best American auteur films of recent years, and Sarnoski’s popularity skyrocketed thanks to this. That’s why Krasinski approached him.

“He asked me: can you transplant the sensibility of Pig into the A Quiet Place universe?” Sarnoski told Entertainment Weekly how his first meeting with Krasinski went. – I thought that I really have something to do with A Quiet Place. Pig is about the hero feeling helpless because he is in a situation he has never had to deal with before. Soundless is a horror-invasion story, but the basic premise is the same: the heroes have to figure out what to do when completely impossible things come their way. We just had to figure out how to capture all of this in a completely original way.”

A Quiet Place: Day One is about the very first attack of alien creatures that follow noises. The scene is New York, the heroine (Lupita Nyong’o12 Years a Slave) with her cat, and soon after with other survivors (Joseph Quinn /Stranger Things/, Djimon Hounsou /Blood Diamond/) flees from danger.

(A Quiet Place: Day One – domestic release: June 27, 2024.)

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