Avowed Will Have a Third-Person Camera Angle [VIDEO]

Obsidian Entertainment’s next game will not only be playable from a first-person perspective, and the game’s director Carrie Patel talked about it in more detail on the Official Xbox Podcast.


Patel has confirmed that Avowed will not be an FPP-only game, although we only saw the game from that camera angle, so those who prefer a third-person perspective (due to motion sickness) can opt for that as well. The director also showed that the game will not hide the fact that the player is using a weapon that is not considered effective due to lack of upgrades. When this happens, you will get easily recognizable visual and sound effects, so you will know that you need to get resources to upgrade the weapon.

Avowed also has a dynamic daytime change system, and you can see some nice nighttime footage in the video embedded below. The team camp has also been introduced: this is where our character and other teammates can rest and discuss what has happened so far. The character progression system was also introduced. When you reach certain levels, you can increase your attribute points. We can increase our damage or weight imitation (Might), health and poison/blood resistance (Constitution), attack and action speed (Dexterity), critical damage chance and damage range (Perception), stamina, and Second Wind cooldown acceleration (Resolve).

Each time you level up, you gain one skill point that you can spend on the Fighter, Ranger, Wizard, and Godlike skill trees. There are no character classes, so you can always switch to a different skill tree. Some skills are also good for traveling (e.g. Fan of Flames for bushes in the way), and Respect is worth mentioning: if you don’t like the direction you’ve developed your character, you can repack points. Patel also demonstrated that a quest can be completed in two opposite ways. You can get the heart of an ancient forest creature by defeating it, or you can get it through diplomacy and stealth. In an interview with Eurogamer, Patel said that Obsidian is 100% certain of a 2024 release.

They’ll probably wait for Electronic Arts and BioWare to say when Dragon Age: The Veilguard will be released; Obsidian has already set November 12th as the release date for the Xbox Series and PC (they edited that out of their post), but that could change.

Source: WCCFTech, Eurogamer


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