Diablo IV: Vessel Of Hatred: Blizzard Won’t Meet Fans’ Demands – Here’s Their Explanation!

The Spiritborn class will debut in the Diablo IV expansion, Vessel of Hatred, which will be released on October 10, but we still can’t play with another character class…



Among other things, the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 confirmed the final release date for Diablo IV’s long-awaited expansion, Vessel of Hatred. This content will add a brand new option to the number of classes available in the ARPG. The latter, called Spiritborn, aims to turn players into jungle predators. But what about Paladin, the alternative that fans have been asking for for months?

So far, there is no word that Blizzard intends to include this holy knight in its game, and the reason for the decision can be found in the background of Vessel of Hatred.

Rod Fergusson, the head of the Diablo franchise, gave an interview to GamesRadar+, in which he goes into a little more detail on the subject. Because there are many users who want to visit the world of Sanctuary with Paladin. It’s no coincidence that this class wasn’t part of the plans for Vessel of Hatred: “I’m excited, but we’ve heard very loud [requests] for the sword-and-shield paladin, fantasy crusader, which we’re not fulfilling, but we wanted a chance to do something that is based on the added region”.

“We wanted to do something new that was creatively interesting and just a new experience. So yeah, we’re excited to get into it in July,” concludes Fergusson. , that Blizzard will continue to reveal the details of Spiritborn with more events. As for Paladin, no news is expected.


What will be new in Vessel of Hatred?


As mentioned, the community will receive more details about the expansion in the coming weeks. What we do know so far, according to what Blizzard has shared, is that players will face never-before-seen challenges in entirely new locations. We will travel to the new region of Nahantu to find Neyrelle, who has suffered the fate of being imprisoned by the “First Evil”, Mephisto, and is looking for a way to destroy him. You can become the “ultimate predator of the jungle” with the new Spiritborn class. We can recruit mercenaries to help in the fight, and the developers promise many other valuable innovations. We’ll see if Vessel of Hatred can reignite the game’s smouldering fire…

Source: GamesRadar+

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