Life is Strange: Double Exposure: Respecting Both Endings of the Original Game [VIDEO]

Deck Nine has confirmed that Life is Strange will respect both endings, which is odd because they are two different endings.


The ending of Life is Strange presents Deck Nine with a dilemma. Because the final choice in Don’t Nod (formerly Dontnod) is to either sacrifice our hometown of Arcadia Bay or leave our best friend Chloe Price behind, either Arcadia Bay or Chloe is lost at the end of the story. (These are the endings called Bay or Bae.) Subsequent Life is Strange games have made a deliberate attempt to refrain from choosing a canonical ending, so the situation for Life is Strange: Double Exposure was not easy.

At the time of the game’s announcement, Square Enix and Deck Nine confirmed that Max Caulfield, the main character from Life is Strange, would be returning. During a live broadcast, director Jonathan Strauder said that it was important to the studio that if they were going to make another Max adventure, they had to respect both endings, and they did just that with Life is Strange: Double Exposure. Max’s thoughts, text messages, and interactions with other characters will be used to explore this difficult decision, and it will be done again in an early dialog.

Of course, this doesn’t confirm whether Chloe Price or Arcadia Bay will appear in Life is Strange: Double Exposure. There are quite a few different endings and their implications, so it might have been too difficult for Deck Nine to fit all of these scenarios into the game. In any case, Chloe is a memorable character (this was mostly explored in Life is Strange: Before the Storm), but she may show up as Max finds himself in alternate timelines throughout the story.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure will be released on October 29 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC, with a Nintendo Switch port coming later.

Source: GameRant

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