The Quiet Place: The Road Ahead: a video game from the horror film franchise in the making! [VIDEO]

Stormind Games’ game isn’t based on a brand new IP, as there’s a more complicated story that makes it a transmedia intellectual property.


The Quiet Place is originally a movie that debuted in 2018. The sequel was released in 2020, and the third installment, A Quiet Place: Day One, will be released on June 28 (it will be a prequel, of course, but directed by Michael Samoski instead of John Kraskinski). Saber Interactive, which has become independent from the Embracer Group, will be the publisher, but it is not known how the previously announced horror adventure A Quiet Place will relate to this. That game is or was developed by Illogika: Saber may have handed the project over to Stormind Games.

A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead is a single-player horror adventure game inspired by the critically acclaimed blockbuster movie franchise that tells a unique story of survival after an invasion of deadly creatures. In this exclusive spin-off, experience the journey of a young woman who must endure a treacherous apocalypse amidst interpersonal family conflicts, all while coming to terms with her own inner fears.

Experience absolute terror as you strive for silence while hiding from and sneaking past terrifying creatures that hunt using only sound. Embark on a dramatic adventure inspired by the A Quiet Place film franchise as a young survivor trying to navigate the new, eerily quiet post-apocalyptic landscape. Discover your own path through the world by observing your surroundings and using the tools in your environment.

Saber Interactive will publish A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC (Steam) sometime this year, so the spin-off should be out in about six months, if the publisher doesn’t push it back to 2025. If that happens, there might even be a Nintendo Switch 2 port.

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