[NDD 2024] Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven: Square Enix is not Short of Remakes [VIDEO]

There’s not much to look forward to for the 3D remake of the game originally released in Japan in 1993, as Square Enix has even given it a release date.


It is the imperial year 1000. Terrifying fiends plague the land, and various nations struggle to deal with both this invasion and their own internal conflicts. The people wait in hope for the fulfillment of an ancient legend that foretells the coming of seven great heroes to save their ravaged kingdoms. Then, one fateful day, Avalon, the capital of the Varennes Empire, is suddenly and brutally attacked. The aggressor is none other than Kzinssie, one of the seven heroes of legend. The people are crushed and Prince Victor, the brave and noble heir to the imperial throne, is slain. The citizens of the Empire are overcome with despair at the realization that the legends were false, but Victor’s father, Emperor Leon, vows vengeance on the Seven and their mighty powers. He uses the fabled “inheritance magic” bestowed by the seeress Orieve to pass his powers to his other son, Gerard, trading his own life for his heir’s chance to strike back. This act marks the first chapter in a deadly tale of a long-ago war, an epochal struggle between the Imperial Line of Varennes and the Seven Heroes.

Retaining the epic story of the wars between the Imperial line of Varennes and the Seven Heroes of Ancient Myth, as well as all of the unique and groundbreaking mechanics of the SaGa franchise, such as “Glimmers” and “Formations,” Revenge of the Seven revamps the combat and character progression systems and adds numerous new features, such as a choice of difficulty levels, to make it easily accessible to both longtime fans of the series and complete newcomers. The sprawling world of Romancing SaGa 2, originally rendered in pixel graphics, has been completely updated to gorgeous 3D. All of the main characters, including Leon, Gerard, and the Seven Heroes, have also been updated with stunning 3D visuals that retain the distinctive character of the original sprites.

There are over 30 individual character classes to choose from, covering a wide variety of different races and professions. Each class has its own unique characteristics, with different weapon and spell abilities. Leon is the reigning emperor of the Varennes Empire. Leon strives to unite the lands and bring peace amidst the growing diabolical threat. When the imperial capital of Avalon is attacked by Kzinssie, he takes the fight to the invaders, but is slain in cold blood. Gerard is second in line to the throne of Varennes. A man of mild temperament who dislikes conflict, Gerard is entrusted by his father Leon with the secrets of hereditary magic, as well as the throne and the future of the realm itself. As the first generation of the new Imperial line, he begins the war to defeat the Seven Heroes. Bear is a member of the Imperial Heavy Infantry, sworn to the Emperors of Varennes. An imposing figure clad in thick armor, Bear fights in the front rank of the Empire’s unique “Imperial Cross” formation, proudly bearing the brunt of enemy fire. He is the solid wall that protects the Empire.

Therese is an Imperial warrior who lives off the land. She is skilled with the bow and the short sword. Henry is an Imperial warrior who works as a tracker in the wilderness. He uses his archery skills to take down enemies from a distance. James is an Imperial soldier with well-balanced combat skills. Specializing in melee combat, he prefers to use spears and great swords in battle. Liza is an Imperial soldier with well-rounded skills. She wields a variety of weapons, but prefers swords and short swords. Hector is a skilled mercenary who follows those he believes to be strong. Hector is an expert in melee combat, wielding axes and great swords. Andromache is a sellsword who follows those with power. She is a versatile fighter who can adapt to any distance with excellent sword and bow skills. Aries is a mage who serves the empire. His talents lie in the manipulation of powerful wind and water magic. Emerald is a powerful mage who serves the Empire. She possesses great skill in conjuring fire and wind. Cat is a thief who lives in the Undercity beneath Avalon. Quick and agile, she is skilled with short swords. Sparrow is a thief who lives in the Undercity beneath Avalon. A skilled melee fighter who relies on speed.

The Inheritance System allows you to choose the next Emperor and pass on the powers of the previous generation. Inheritance occurs automatically when the current Emperor is reduced to zero LP, when the party is wiped out, when time advances to the next era, or when the current ruler abdicates. all playable characters can become Emperors. You can use Inheritance to become the next ruler in the Imperial line at a time of your choosing. However, it is not possible for two emperors to abdicate in succession.

In battle, the turn order for each ally and enemy is displayed on a timeline. As soon as a character’s turn is over, he or she can act immediately. When a character is incapacitated, their Life Points (LP) are reduced, and they die when their LP total reaches zero. Battles are initiated by touching enemy models. There are eight types of weapons to wield, each unlocking different abilities (swords, great swords, short swords, spears, axes, clubs, or martial arts). Your mages can also manipulate the powers of six magical disciplines with unique characteristics (pyrology, hydrology, aerology, terrology, cosmology, and umbrology). When you use an ability with a light bulb icon in combat, you can sometimes trigger a Glimmer and learn a new technique. When targeted by an enemy attack, it is also possible to dodge and avoid taking damage altogether. Glimmers are easier to trigger when fighting powerful enemies. Once an ability is dodged, it will continue to be dodged automatically. The Overdrive gauge recharges when you cast a spell or attack an enemy’s weakness. Once it’s full, it can be used to unleash a powerful combined attack that enhances your character’s abilities and spells. By arranging your warriors into formations before a battle, you can provide them with a variety of beneficial effects and stat boosts. Different formations offer different benefits, and new ones can be learned depending on the class of the character who becomes Emperor.

In this game, every action the player takes has a major impact on the story, from the options they choose to the order in which they visit locations and the actions they take there. The story will progress no matter what you do, but the events that occur can have countless variations. In the intrigue surrounding the succession to the throne of Cumberland, the emperor’s decision will have a major impact on the survival of the kingdom. Depending on the player’s choices, the succession crisis can be resolved and Cumberland falls under Imperial control, or civil war breaks out and the kingdom is destroyed.

When attacking the Canal Fortress, which has been occupied by a mysterious group, you can choose to sneak in at night or ask a vagabond to help you infiltrate. The way you take the fortress will vary greatly depending on the actions you take. If you are attacking the Canal Fortress, you can sneak in by boat at night, when large enemy forces lie in wait, or you can ask a vagabond for help, and he will find you a safe way in. The player is free to explore the different regions of the world map in any order. Each region has its own problems, and solving these crises will allow you to win over the local powers and bring them under your influence. Your goal is to unite all the lands under your banner as the Emperor of Varennes!

In Avalon, the capital of the Varennes Empire, the player can research and build various facilities, such as the blacksmith’s shop and the incantation lab, where you can develop new weapons and spells. You can choose from three difficulty levels: casual, normal, and hard (classic). Casual is an easier, more accessible experience for newcomers to the SaGa franchise, while Normal is ideal for players familiar with standard RPGs. Hard (classic) offers a more challenging experience based on the difficulty of the original Romancing SaGa 2. It is also possible to switch the background music between the original score and a new, completely rearranged version from the options screen. The difficulty level can be adjusted at any time from the options menu. The game includes a new, completely reworked version of the BGM tracks, as well as newly composed tracks for this title by original composer Kenji Ito.

Those who pre-order the game will receive the Bonus Accessory Set, and items will be available in the treasure chest on the ground floor of Avalon Castle. Shiyuan’s Tactical Primer will increase Technical Points (TP) by 10% for the first year, and the Cat’s Amulet will increase the amount of money you earn from combat by 10% for the first year. Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven will be released on October 24th for $50 on PlayStation 5, PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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