We haven't seen No Man's Sky in the last few weeks, but it looks like the devs really took their time to improve!

No Man’s Sky: release date and collector’s edition(s)!

Hello Games’ long awaited game No Man’s…
Those who want to combat against other players instead of demons I have good news.

DOOM: let your voice be heard!

Bethesda and id Software received a ton…
The Division could be 2016s biggest hit, and it will be especially fun for RPG fans exploring the ruins of New York, looting, and killing bandits.

The Division: full-on embargo to not judge early!

Ubisoft put a serious embargo on The…
Let us guess: the usual stability improvements will be included in the patch notes. That's not warrating much to jump this big in the version number. From 2.54 to 3.00, it made perfect sense, as it brought several things from YouTube direct streaming through getting the PS Plus options right from the main menu to posting small video clips to Twitter.

[UPDATE] A video for the PS4 3.50 firmware! [VIDEO]

As we already detailed multiple new functions… news previews reviews and more Hitman 1

Hitman: a launch trailer for the „season premiere”! [VIDEO]

No joke, IO Interactive indeed decided to…
Well, there wasn't civilization up to current levels back then, so it makes perfect sense.

Far Cry Primal: was Ubisoft lazy?

You can pick up Far Cry Primal…
An interesting tidbit: Electronic Arts are going to do the same thing as Activision! In 2007, we saw E3 turn into a press-only event. Are we heading to this yet again? We're going to find it out shortly.

Activision: no booth for you at E3!

Despite Activision being one of the biggest…
Is Bioware slowly dying?

No new Mass Effect in 2016!

If you were hoping to get your…
No Man's Sky will launch in June 2016 on the same day for both the PlayStation 4 and PC.

No Man’s Sky: preordering starts soon; what’s the price?

We haven’t heard much, if anything, about…
We're happy to see this happening - maybe the already hugely successful PlayStation 4, which just broke the 30-million barrier could get even more sales on the table with this solution.

PlayStation 4 3.50 update: we can stream the PS4 on new platform!

Sony leaves behind its handhelds in a…

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