News Final Fantasy XII 1

It’s official: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster coming to PS4

After its PlayStation 3 and PS Vita… unnamed

Sony PlayStation 4 China sales to begin January 11

According to Reuters from China – Sony…
We don't know if the attacks will happen or not, but let's hope this is a warning sign for both systems and companies.

Sony Pictures strikes back: he is DDoSing torrent sites

To make a response to the attacks,…
The trailer is amazing, but the waiting is just killing us! The release is still almost three months away as it's going to happen on March 18.

Nathan Drake is almost photo-realistic in Uncharted 4 vs Uncharted 3

Uncharted 4 will be one of the… dragon age inquisition 1

Upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition patch 2 irons out various bugs

Dragon Age: Inquisition’s second patch will address… Loadout 2

“Loadout” the free-to-play shooter arrives on PlayStation 4 December 16

The funny and cartoony free-to-play action game… Super Stardust Ultra 1

Sony’s XDEV Studio, are bringing the Super Stardust series to the PS4

Super Stardust Ultra the latest entry in…
20th 1

$15,000 for the 20th Anniversary PS4? Yes, on eBay it’s possible…

That’s just… incredible! Only 12,300 of 20th…
ps4pro driveclub r 20140526

DriveClub patch: challenge mode, dynamic weather and much more

DriveClub is still in an awkward situation,… destiny the dark below 1

DESTINY expands with the release of the Expansion: The Dark Below

Bungie and Activision Publishing, Inc. announced today…