It probably won't happen again soon, although it would make sense: Dark Souls III launches in Japan on March 24 on PS4, XB1 and PC, followed by a localized release worldwide in April.

Dark Souls III: Release date and limited edition’s images leaked!

Not even FromSoftware can avoid leaks, because…
Fallout 4 will be patched soon (this is pretty much a tradition nowadays...), so hopefully, you can get used to this framedroppage in case you own the game already.

Fallout 4: Framerate issues on both consoles [VIDEO]

We’ve been waiting for Fallout 4 a…
Let this happen then - we'd really appreciate Darksiders III!

Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition – This is just the beginning

Darksiders II‘s current generation port is already…
There are downed X-Wings, TIE Fighters, lasers, and explosions all over the place.

Star Wars Battlefront – Space requirements revealed

One week – and a few more…
Let us guess: the usual stability improvements will be included in the patch notes. That's not warrating much to jump this big in the version number. From 2.54 to 3.00, it made perfect sense, as it brought several things from YouTube direct streaming through getting the PS Plus options right from the main menu to posting small video clips to Twitter.

Surprise, the PlayStation 4 got the 3.11 firmware

Sony did not announce anything in advance,…
So all we can hope for is a quality rearrangement on Uematsu's originals, not bastardizing his work in the end. This would make the remake a decent one on at least the audio aspect, but then again, we haven't heard the voice acting yet...

Final Fantasy VII remake – Without Uematsu

Final Fantasy VII was originally released in…
Reputation (or REP) will be hugely important in the game, and we can only get that with good results. Seeing how many styles await us (from crew racing to escaping the police, there is a wide variety), it only depends on us on how we will end up as kings of Ventura Bay's roads...

Need For Speed: Head-to-head PS4 vs. Xbox One comparison [VIDEO]

DigitalFoundry have done it again, although this…
Activision Blizzard Studios' first project is going to be a Skylanders cartoon, and this will be supervised by Eric Rogers, whose name you might know from Futurama.

Expect a Call of Duty movie and a Skylanders cartoon soon!

Activision Blizzard is entering into the cinema…
Rainbow Six: Siege - The story seemed controversial, but that just gave me all the more hope about the game itself.

Rainbow Six Siege – A year full of free content [VIDEO]

Ubisoft revealed their plans for the post-launch…
Just please, can we go forward to October 20 already? Life is Strange might be one of the best games of this year, and it might have a kickass finale.

Life is Strange 2? Wait, what?

Life is Strange is a great game…

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