News Final Fantasy XV 1

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae – tons of PAX East videos

Square Enix keeps pumping its Final Fantasy…
PS4PRO.EU PlayStation4 News PlayStation4 Reviews Witcher3b

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – 7 minutes of gameplay straight from PAX East

It’s nice to see some fellow Hungarians… GTA V NYITO 1

Just one step away from the release – a whole new bunch of GTA V…

We’re really not far away from the… Bloodborne Game Wallpaper 1

Bloodborne: details about online multiplayer revealed

New infos have arrived from Sony Computer…
wolfenstein the old blo 54f720bff2736

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – 20 minutes of gameplay with dev commentary

A few days ago, Bethesda has announced… PS4 Dig Rush NYITO

A video game to cure Amblyopia? It exists – enter Dig Rush…

Who says that video games are not… PS4 Elite NYITO

Elite: Dangerous – it will be out on PS4, although at a later date

Elite is preparing for a new attack… PS4 NYITO

Sony is already beta testing the 2.50 PlayStation 4 firmware

Time is passing by and new firmwares… rockband2 hero NYITO

Rock Band 4 announced, will support our prev-gen equipment and songs

Harmonix’s successful franchise is about to be… tropico5 NYITO

El Presidente sets his sights on the PlayStation 4: Tropico 5 is coming soon

El Presidente has never been able to…

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