Hold on... looks like Telltale will keep their word and will indeed release the game in the fall of 2015 on both the PS4 and the PS3.

The Walking Dead: Michonne: A New Episode, A New Trailer [VIDEO]

The Walking Dead: Michonne mini-series – it’s…

Assassin’s Creed III’s Developer Is Working On A „Big Project”!

Ubisoft Singapore, which was founded in 2008,…
While we don't know the exact release date of DOOM yet, Bethesda plans to launch id Software's title in 2016 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

DOOM: Slay Demons Every Way You Can! [VIDEO]

Bethesda and id Software put together another…
On April 15, a hearing for relief is scheduled, although we don't know how much Valve has to pay. There is a chance that they might also be issued to pay up to 75 percent of ACCC's legal costs!

Valve Gets Penalized In Australia!

Australia is an interesting place: they not…
PlayStation 4 - Several signs point to the announcement happening during Paris Game Week, which will begin on October 28, and it also looks like Sony is going to have a bigger presence there. Think about the rumours of Quantic Dream announcing their PS4-exclusive title during this event!

How Much Will The PS4.5 Cost? [VIDEO]

Eurogamer caused a surprise by them reporting…
He doesn't think he will work with Kojima ever again.

What Does David Hayter (Snake’s English Voice Actor) Think Of Hideo Kojima? [VIDEO]

A year ago, Konami‘s implosion already began.…
Call of Tenebrae will be available by the end of June on PC, and maybe PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Mac.

Two Worlds: The Third Episode Already in Development!

Reality Pump Studios and Topware Interactive (the…
ivel a Gamestop az Egyesült Államokban egy fontos bolthálózat, így a Sony fontos partnerként kezeli őket.

Will PlayStation VR Come To PCs?

While we’re – at least – six…
This disappearance of Grand Theft Auto games is related to the crash of RockStar's launcher.

Two Classic Rockstar Games to Expand The PS4 Lineup!

Rockstar‘s games are steadily becoming available on…
Just one question remains: why does this game get a current-gen port when it's not even three years old?

Resident Evil 6: another day, another port from Capcom on the PS4?

Current-gen ports are getting tiresome. Most of…

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