This is such a subject that virtually nobody even thought of making it possible. And yet, here we are: you can play the 2020 consoles on Nintendo's popular handheld that even surpassed Sony's PlayStation Portable back in the day.

Here’s How You Can Play Next-Gen Consoles On A Nintendo DS [VIDEO]

This is such a subject that virtually…
Tripwire Interactive, which recently released Maneater, introduced a flexible work model for all its employees.

Tripwire Interactive Introduces A Next-Gen Work Model

Tripwire Interactive, which recently released Maneater, introduced…
Disco Elysium gets a nine out of ten, as it doesn't give a rat's ass about the trends and the current day. Instead, it is a decent CRPG.

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut: The Australian Ban Is Over

After ZA/UM‘s game was available on Steam…
Gearbox - Borderlands 3 - With the theme rocker Can not Hold me Down by GRiZ with Tash Neal playing in the background, the title is displayed in its first big trailer with the same aesthetic identity as the previous instalments of the Borderlands series, and with the same winks to that sense of humour so groundbreaking.

Is Gearbox Developing Borderlands 4?

The head of Gearbox denies the rumours…
TECH NEWS - Ampere Analysis has predicted the pace of console sales in a market characterised by manufacturing problems, yet the PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series machines seem to be selling well.

Microsoft Never Turned A Profit On Xbox Hardware!

Despite having been on market for two…
Even though it comes a bit late compared to the PC original, Angry Demon Studio's game is still heading to consoles.

Apsulov: End Of Gods: The Future Viking Horror Visits All The Consoles [VIDEO]

Even though it comes a bit late…
Flashback 2 will also have the involvement of the creator of the first game, meaning the sci-fi cinematic platformer will stay as authentic as it possibly can.

Flashback Is Getting A Sequel After Thirty Years

Flashback 2 will also have the involvement…
Overwatch 2 is a supercharged sequel that will send players deeper into the world and story of Overwatch and build upon the original game’s critically acclaimed foundation of world-class player-versus-player competition.

Overwatch 2’s New Director Promises Compelling PvP

Blizzard‘s game has a new boss, which…
GDC (Game Developers Conference) provided its newest survey, and it doesn't paint a highly optimistic future for us.

Nearly Half Of The Devs Are Affected By Game Delays; What Is Their Favourite Platform?

GDC (Game Developers Conference) provided its newest…
Expect day-1 microtransactions in this game, as they have done the same thing with MotoGP 20 last year, introducing those diamonds and coins after the game launched.

MotoGP 21 – Man on track

Man on track

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