2021 There is no year without bags of cash: Electronic Arts will release FIFA this year, too, mostly due to the Ultimate Team mode that pulls in money for them. FIFA 22

FIFA 22: Cross-Gen Football, But It Won’t Get Upgraded Everywhere [VIDEO]

There is no year without bags of…
„Google Stadia is the best of PC and the best of console. One specific set of hardware, but it's not limited by a specific box. Consoles are a pain in the ass,”

Stadia Puts the Turbo and Wants to Reach a Greater Number of Screens, or So…

The Mountain View platform recently arrived on…
The full trailer of the Ancient Gods only comes on Gamescom, where the brutal DOOM Eternal will also show up.

DOOM Eternal: Invasion Mode Is Dead, A New Update Is Coming Instead

id Software is going to bring a…
We now hear from game developers that instead of buying keys from a grey (?) market site called G2A, we should just torrent their games altogether...

Mark Darrah’s Opinion Of Piracy

Mark Darrah has spent more than twenty…
"We still plan to release the game later this year." - says CD Project RED, the studio does not expect another delay of Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077: The Game Is Now On A Satisfactory Performance Level

The Polish company thinks that their game…
The game, which has been announced several years ago, was first showcased in a bit more detail at this year's E3.

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora: Why Is It Next-Gen Only?

Massive Entertainment (who are also developing a…
REVIEW - Outriders, a new video game from the Polish team People Can Fly, is a "looter-shooter" in which you take on the role of a mutant with special abilities and save what's left of humanity on a distant planet.

Outriders – Those Outriders Are Not Easy Riders

Those Outriders Are Not Easy Riders
SEGA is doubling down on PC gaming, as one of its most popular franchises reaches almost 3 million units sold

Judgement Remastered – Tokyo Confidential

Tokyo Confidential
PREVIEW - [E3 2021] - From Forza Horizon 5 to Guardians of the Galaxy, Final Fantasy Origin to Requiem Plague Tale, we've got all the E3 news!

New Video Games from E3 2021 – 38 Newly Announced Games from the Event!

38 Newly Announced Games from the Event!
REVIEW - This time around, Stronghold: Warlords takes us back to the bloody Asian Middle Ages, where for the first time in the series' history, we can subdue and control the AI-controlled overlords under our command.

Stronghold Warlords – Command&Conquer in Medieval Asia

Command&Conquer in Medieval Asia