Life is Strange Remastered Collection Release Date Announced

Life is Strange Remastered collection finally has a new release date announced, and it is coming in 2022 February


The remastered collection was supposed to come out this year on the 30th of September 2021, on the month when True Colours, the new Life is Strange game, was released. Unfortunately, due to COVID and other issues, this collection was delayed indefinitely back in August of 2021, with no new release date announced at the time.

Today it has been announced that the remastered collection will be released on the 1st of February 2021, and will include the first two games, Life is Strange 1, and Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Both games will include enhanced visuals and animations, plus the remasters will also include lighting upgrades, a new game engine, and the remaster for Life is Strange will include new, fully motion-captured facial animations.

The remastered collection is available to purchase on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox storefronts for 40 dollars. If you bought the ultimate edition for the latest game – Life is Strange: True Colors, it will be available for download when the remastered collection releases.

While you wait for the remastered collection, you can read our review of Life is Strange: True Colors here.

Source: IGN

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