Game of Thrones – Episode 3 – How low can you go?

REVIEW – Would lower yourself, lower and lower, if you had to? Not because of personal gains, not because it’s in your personality: it’s because of your family’s existence the life of its members. That’s the main question of Episode 3 of Game of Thrones which must constantly face its main characters.


To be victorious and to conquer everything isn’t easy either but it’s even harder, when you must humiliate yourself. This is especially true for one of the heroes: the once proud lord, Rodrik Forrester, who became crippled and who is lacking any kind of physical force to oppose his enemies: members of the Whitehill family directly. Mira Forrester and Garred Tuttle also must face kind of similar questions, and even the hot-headed Asher Forrester needs to keep his temper in check and be smarter than you used to be.


“Things I knew in the Evil Dead… Mmm…”

Is it as good as the TV series?

That question now can and should be asked, as the third episode has now progressed well enough in the main storyline. Well, yes it is, and no it isn’t. Some of the characters, like Rodrik or Garred really start to take shape and Mira’s fate starts to get sealed (especially because I made some stupid choices with her) but Asher Forrester is kind of a weak character.
It’s not really because Asher is badly written character in itself, but there’s isn’t much progress on him: he’s still the hot-headed action hero – even if the player needs to be smarter sometimes, when Asher is in the lead.


Ah Malcolm, just shut it, will you?!

The other problem is his boring uncle, Malcom (who reminded me Benjen Stark, Jon Snow’s own uncle) who just can’t stop to stress the importance of Asher’s family plight. “Stop lecturing me,” said Asher at my command at one instance, but sadly Malcolm just shut it about this. Fortunately scarred face female mercenary, Beskha is here and saves the day: her relationship with Asher is still interesting.

“Rodrik or Garred really start to take shape and Mira’s fate starts to get sealed (especially because I made some stupid choices with her)”

Garred Tuttle is thankfully less of a Jon Snow copycat now and because of his internal struggle of loyalties and vengeance I needed to make really tough choices which also shaped his character in a quite interesting fashion. I don’t want to spoil much let’s just say that concerns his new friends (including Jon Snow) and the discovering of the legendary North Grove’s potential location.



But none of those characters became as interesting as Rodrik himself. The elder son: the proud Lord was thought to be dead and he is crippled and disfigured right now while he lacks physical strength to oppose his enemies he must make very tough decisions for the sake of his family while still not bend himself to the Whitehill’s will too much.
All in all the third episode of the Game of Thrones is a strong sequel to the first two – even if the ending is a bit disappointing – especially compared to the first’s episode very strong ending.


Let’s get a bit technical

Besides the story, the third episode has its share of action as well. I was somewhat more successful in the quick time events than the last time – perhaps my reflexes were more edgy thanks to Bloodborne, or the quick time events were easier, no idea about that. Anyway, QTE’s are less annoying here and it’s a good thing.

Graphics-wise the game still has some glitches and still feels a tad outdated. It isn’t always a problem, but when you supposed to be marvel at the beauty of King’s Landing and it’s not looking that great, well, you are a bit disappointed. Some characters also still moves in a funny way, like Mira for example, who has to run at one occasion in the game and her animation is a bit comical while it surly wasn’t the goal of the developers at all.


“You know noth…” – “What, what??” – “Ah nevermind…”

We are all Jon Snow: we still know nothing

As Telltale is progressing the story pretty well, and giving away only small bits of important events, we still have no idea, what will happen to our four heroes? It’s one of the strengths of Telltale’s series: we are all excited for next episode. I know I am.



+ Gameplay and character variety
+ Story is still excellent
+ Quick time events are better


– Depth of field problems still
– Uncle Malcolm will just shut up???
– You know nothing Jon Snow 🙁


Publisher: Telltale Games

Developer: Telltale Games

Genres: adventure, action,

Release date: March 24 2015

Game of Thrones – Episode 3: The Sword in the Darkness

Gameplay - 8.5
Graphics - 7.4
Story - 9.1
Music - 8.8
Ambiance - 8.6



A great sequel to the frist two episodes with strong choices and moral dilemmas for each four of the characters. Some technical glitches aside it's a pretty good Telltale game and episode.

User Rating: 4.35 ( 1 votes)

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