The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – A ton of screens

CD Projekt RED was very successful in May with the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which will soon receive its first expansion, Hearts of Stone. They threw up a ton of new screenshots to the internet, and a few sites already wrote previews of Geralt’s new adventures: it doesn’t seem like it’s actually a full-fledged expansion.

Geralt must be level 30 to start the new adventures, which will take around 10 hours to complete. It might be on the same area as the base game, but it could take you the new places. There will be two main characters, one will be a returning character, and another will be an immortal… and yes, there will be romance. We’d like to warn you here: there might be spoilers in the screenshots below, so look at them at your own risk!

14 Glyphwords for chest armour and 9 Runewords for swords – for example, we can make arrows simply bounce off of our armour, another Glyphword can instantly activate Quen, and with Runewords, you can effectively launch a new strategy with Geralt – one of the Runewords are changing the weight category of our armour, so a light one can be turned more heavy, which might be interesting for defensive players. Can you get used to it? Most likely, yes. You can unlock these in a side-quest early in the story. Another new addition will be the quick inventory usage for down and up on the d-pad: you can easily use a potion for example by a single button press during a battle.

Release date is October 13, price is 8 pounds/10 euros digitally, and on physical with the Gwent cards, 20, respectively. For Season Pass owners, they can get the cards separately for the price of shipping only.

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