Trackmania Turbo: Expect it only in 2016

Trackmania’s recent installment, Turbo wasn’t really in the news for a long time in the past months, but now it seems to us that there was a reason for that. It turned out to be that the release date of the game was modified, so we can put another title into the list of „games delayed from 2015 to 2016”.

Trackmania Turbo, which will launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC, will launch in the early weeks of 2016. What is the reasoning? „We’re committed to ensuring that our new and old fans will always have the best experience possible” – so nothing new. Nadeo, the devs will use the extra time to improve the campaign and the user interface, and seeing how Trackmania always focused big time on multiplayer, they can test the infrastructure more in order to avoid server issues as in say, Rainbow Six Siege’s first days.

There will be also a new option to challenge our friends on our favourite user-generated levels, but the random generator and the track creating Trackbuilder will also be improved in the extra time.
Dear Nadeo, let’s hope the end result will be good…

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