Europe will get a Steelbook Edition of Street Fighter V!

Street Fighter V will think about European players because on launch day – which is currently February 16, 2016 -, the PlayStation 4 version will be available in a limited steelbook edition in this region. This might be a very decent offer for collectors – or at least; this is what Capcom thinks about this announcement.

The Day One Steelbook Edition will not give you anything else other than the game itself and a nice steelbook case – although this looks nice, because it shows the China level -, and we can’t provide you details about pricing yet because that is going to be announced in the next few weeks. If Capcom wants to be fair, they should price this release around 65-70 euros, so it’d still be more expensive than the base game, but still provide something extra, not making it a huge ripoff.

Street Fighter V, which will use Unreal Engine 4, will try to be much more user-friendly with its approach: all post-game content – i.e., new characters – can be unlocked by simply playing the game, not forcing you to pay money for them. This is a decent and down-to-earth move by Capcom, isn’t it?

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  1. Monica Eidn says:

    Nice, nice, but who will buy it? Collectors? Yeah… Gamers? … phhh… 🙂

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