PlayStation 4 – Christmas trailer, a teaser of the 2016 lineup [VIDEO]

Despite the PlayStation 4 winning several months in a row against the Xbox One in sales, its weak point was the lack of serious exclusive titles in 2015 (we think we can look back by now after all). Sony knows about this very well, so they edited the Christmas trailer in a way to remind us of the upcoming 2016 games. The name of a trailer might be a little too optimistic; it’s called, „The Best Games Are On PS4.”

What are seen in the video below? Here’s a bit of Horizon Zero Dawn. There’s some Street Fighter V and some No Man’s Sky, too. We can also see some already released games as well because the trailer shows Star Wars Battlefront and Call of Duty Black Ops III – in the case of the latter game; Sony didn’t forget to remind us that the upcoming DLCs are going to be available on Sony‘s console first.

2016 will be much more serious than 2015 was. Let’s just hope the games won’t be as low quality as The Order: 1886 was. (Speaking of that game, it’s totally going to get a sequel judging by the ending.)

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