Half of Pornhub’s console visitors are from PlayStation!

It’s not a shame to admit that we are sometimes looking at adult content. (Even if you deny, you also do!) If we add the unavoidable laziness factor into the mix, then we might not end up watching those videos on PC but instead on the first hardware we approach: either consoles or mobile devices. Pornhub‘s 2015 review brought up an interesting result about console visitors.

If we add up the „PlayStation” and the PS Vita visitors, then Sony got a whopping 51.9%! Yes, over half of the console users of Pornhub are from PlayStation devices. „Xbox” got 37.9% and the „Wii” + 3DS got a total 10.2%. If we compare these figures to 2014’s stats, there’s a noticeable change.

PlayStation jumped 17.5% forward (is it because of the PS4 sales?) while the PS Vita dropped 1%. Xbox fell back with 17.2% while both Nintendo consoles improved drastically: the Wii had a 7.7% jump, and the 3DS had an outstanding improvement of 18.9%.

Due to Sony having more consoles sold than Microsoft, it logically makes sense that they are used more for adult things… so congratulations, Sony!


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