PSN: Sony tries to make up for the outages

Last week, we experienced that the PlayStation Network wasn’t working for almost a day. Because of this outage, several users were angry (and for good reason, too), as Sony started this year badly. Sony knows this as well – we wrote about it last week that the Japanese company wants to make up for this unfortunate and unexpected outage, although we only knew that we should stay tuned for more. It’s happening right now as we speak.

Last evening, they wrote on their Twitter that we should check our email addresses used for registration on PSN. Sony seems to offer a discount on expanding our PS Plus, PS Now and video rental subscriptions if the accounts are active. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen anything about these offers in detail, so we’re most likely going to update the article later today.

Sony still hasn’t announced the reason the PSN was down for almost a day, so we’re probably never going to hear it – the company quickly swept this issue under the rug.

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