Taipei Game Show 2016: Focusing on the maybe 400-dollar PSVR

Sony considers the Asian region outside Japan as another important market. Therefore, it’s obvious to see them participate in Taiwan’s Taipei Game Show, which will be held from January 29 to February 2. They’re going to focus mainly on two subjects: Final Fantasy (which will have its XV and World of Final Fantasy shown off) and the PlayStation VR. Sadly, we will not be able to see these live, as no live streaming are provided – it’s common to see things of say, the Tokyo Game Show or the PlayStation Experience, but not with Taipei Game Show. What a shame.

Speaking of the PlayStation VR, Michael Pachter, the veteran analyst talked about this. He thinks it’s possible to launch the PSVR with a 400-dollar price tag, but he doesn’t see it drop below 300 anytime soon unless it sells like hot cakes. Pachter added that Sony will be able to sell 10 million PSVR-s without a problem, as there are over 36 million PS4s sold: the more consoles mean a higher chance to sell the virtual reality headsets.

We’ll see about that!

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