Far Cry Primal – Be the king of the Stone Age! [VIDEO]

Ubisoft provides us with a double dose of trailers of Far Cry‘s latest installment called Primal, which is playing in the Stone Age, although one of them is a behind the scenes presentation. We would like to forewarn everyone because the first video is going to be a little weird: Takkar, the game’s protagonist hunter will perform a disturbing thing.

We’re not joking: he will end up eating eyeballs and blood straight out of a skull. After all, this game got an 18 rating by PEGI, so they can go – almost – flat out. The antagonist makes us feel having some Deja Vu, because yet again, it’s a crazy, vicious psycho that Takkar and the tribe have to take down to win. Does it remind you of Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 3? The other video is something different: it focuses on the creation of the in-game language and some characters’ background stories also get explained.

Far Cry Primal will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 23. On PC, it will be available from March 1.

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