Hard Reset Redux: Another re-release! [VIDEO]

Previously, we wrote about Hard Reset receiving a PlayStation 4 port. We also mentioned Hard Reset Redux getting registered with a possible Xbox One release on the horizon as well. This re-release is now officially announced: Hard Reset Redux is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and for PC as well for some reason. (Will the PC port be available for free/at a discount for those who already own the original/extended? It’s the third release on the PC…)

The Redux version makes Hard Reset available on current gen consoles. This cyberpunk FPS launched on the PC in September 2011 with an Extended Edition re-release following in March 2012. Major Fletcher, the game’s protagonist, will have to take care of new enemies and his arsenal will be expanded by a katana sword. Flying Wild Hog promises a modernization in the gameplay.

Meanwhile, they also work on Shadow Warrior 2, which is a very promising project from what we have seen so far.
No idea when the Redux version will be out – it’s going to come „soon”. Let’s hope the console versions of Hard Reset will be decent.

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