Destiny 2 is already in development!

In 2017, Destiny‘s sequel will be out, no matter what. This isn’t a rumor anymore; it is confirmed by Activision Blizzard themselves in their latest financial earnings report. Of course, it would not be a report without bashing their breasts proudly: Bungie‘s game has 25 million registered players, who played over 3 billion hours of Destiny already. The game will receive two significant expansions in 2016 before launching the sequel.

Call of Duty also broke records – over 250 million sales in the history of the franchise. This year’s installment from Infinity Ward will launch around November – we don’t know if it’s going to be a Ghosts or a Modern Warfare sequel.

Meanwhile, Guitar Hero Live and Skylanders Superchargers performed under expectations – Acti believes it is because the toys to life genre have bigger competition (like Disney’s Infinity series) and there’s been a slight shift towards mobile gaming for casual players. GHL will only get new content in 2016 but not a sequel. Skylanders will get a new installment, as well as the Skylanders Academy TV-series.

It’s official then: Destiny 2 will drop in 2017. The question is, will prev-gen platforms receive it or not?

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