Mafia III: One Way Road To Success? [VIDEO]

Hangar 13 might hit the jackpot immediately with their first game, Mafia III. Indeed, this is the devs’ first title with the supervision and publishing via Take-Two. The brand new trailer was revealed at 8 AM Eastern Time, and we weren’t disappointed!

Mafia’s third installment tries to be brave. No, the fact that we get to control a Vietnam War veteran isn’t that big of a deal (even Ride to Hell: Retribution did that), but having a black character as a protagonist called Lincoln Clay, is a bold move! If you played the second Mafia game, you might see some familiar faces, including its main character, Vito Scaletta, whose voice actor (Rick Pasqualone) also returns. We’re taking a turn away from the Italian mafia and their stories – we’re going to see a gang war plotline in Mafia III. The title doesn’t fit that much then, although we have yet to see how much of an Italian involvement will be in MIII.

The darker side of 1960’s USA will be seen at October 7 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The story trailer, called One Way Road, made us excited!

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