Is Sony Working On A Western Game?

Ioan Dumitrescu‘s name will probably sound unknown to you. Let us tell you that he has done work for VR Luge for Sony London, so we can say that he’s part of the „blue” team. Something new has surfaced from him, though.

Undisclosed Sony Project” – followed by three concept art images for a western game. They look outstanding, but they seem to have been made a year ago, so Sony is likely to have already begun major development for this title a long time ago!

Also, this might not be a simple train of thought, but what if this game is The Sentinel? This name was trademarked by Sony yesterday in Europe at the EUIPO. Dumitrescu’s name sounds Romanian, plus he worked for Sony London. Tie these dots together – do you get it?

An announcement at E3? We’ll find it out shortly. The golden rule is a golden rule after all: what gets put on the internet stays there. So here’s Dumitrescu’s work for you below the article.

ps4pro-eu-Sony undisclosed project

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