The 1666 Scandal Is Now Over!

1666? Yes – we previously have written about how it was Patrice Désilets‘ project at THQ, although the studio he worked at was taken over by Ubisoft. Désilets (who worked for them before joining THQ) eventually quit the company again, but he wanted to take his IP with him as well. There was a lawsuit going on between him and Ubisoft, which now finally ended.

The agreement means that 1666 Amsterdam‘s complete control is now taken back by one of the creators of Assassin’s Creed. Therefore, Patrice Désilets can proceed work on his project, and he stops the lawsuit, too. But what about 1666 then? Is this game in development again? What are the target platforms? Perhaps Désilets plans to announce something at E3 in June. There’s another thing that popped into our minds.

This was Ubisoft‘s second issue already this year. The previous one was against Electronic Arts’ Ghost Games (the devs of recent NFS games), which apparently sounds too familiar to Ubi’s Ghost Recon franchise…

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