Did Sony Shoot Themselves On The Foot With The Canceled Santa Monica Game?

Sony Santa Monica is the team where God of War came from, but they have been working on another game that Sony decided to shut down. There are new details leaked about this game, including the possible reason why Sony canceled this project!

NerdLeaks, the same team that talked about God of War IV as well as Sucker Punch’s PS4-exclusive Spiderman, talked about this IP. They say that Santa Monica‘s game would have had a futuristic setting on a strange planet. Strange creatures, also possibly dinosaurs would have been seen. Isn’t this definition familiar from somewhere?

It sounds like Guerrilla GamesHorizon: Zero Dawn (which either launch at the end of 2016 or early 2017 – no official information yet) down to a tee, Perhaps this is why Sony decided that the Santa Monica team should focus on God of War IV with a possible E3 announcement imminent.

We’ll see about this shortly – however, we can now connect two of three NerdLeaks’ rumors together.

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