PlayStation Now Starts In Europe!

PlayStation Now has been working for a while in the North American region. Sony – using the purchased Gaikai technology – allows PlayStation 4-owners to stream PS3 games on their consoles for a monthly/annual fee. Unfortunately, Europe has been lagging behind with this service.

Dutch and Belgian PS4-owners have spotted that Sony is now offering a seven-day free trial of the PS Now service, which would then continue to work for players for a 17€ monthly fee. In the Benelux region, PlayStation Now is already working, so there’s not much left for Sony to roll it out to the whole European Union… especially since PS Now has been in beta for five months now on our continent.

PlayStation Now launched in January 2015 in North America, so Europe is almost a 1.5-year delay, but at least the service is about to go full scale here as well. There is no turning back from here!


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