UPDATED – It’s True: Final Fantasy XV Is Delayed! [VIDEO]

UPDATE: The rumors weren’t lying yet again: Square Enix finally admitted that they cannot release the long awaited RPG on September 30.

What’s the reason behind delaying the game to November 29? Quoting the press release: the delay „will allow the development teams time to polish further and conduct quality testing so that the reality of the game can match the expectations of both the fans and the creative teams.”

Hajime Tabata, the producer of Final Fantasy XV, apologized for the delay in the press release, but he also added that they want to aim for perfection with the game that has been in development for a decade. He also talks about the delay for five minutes in a video. Make sure to turn on the English captions/subtitles to understand what he says!

Final Fantasy XV will be out on November 29 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

ORIGINAL: Gamnesia’s information reveals that Final Fantasy XV will not arrive on September 30, but a bit later than that!

If it was a two-week delay, it wouldn’t be that much of an issue, but the game is rumored to get delayed by TWO MONTHS, as the new release day seems to be set to November 29 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We should consider this rumor, because the same source revealed the September 30 date before its official announcement a few months ago.

GameStop received promotional materials, which cannot be put up until August 14, which means Square Enix might drop an announcement later today.

Square Enix didn’t comment yet, but if the game does end up getting delayed to November, we wonder if they will use the usual „we need to fine tune the game in the extra time” reason or not?

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